Bobby Long (photo: Eric Ryan Anderson)
Bobby Long (photo: Eric Ryan Anderson)


As part of his summer tour in support of the new album “Wishbone,” British singer-songwriter Bobby Long will perform a show at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20, at the Tractor Tavern that will be streamed live to select hospitalized children by the Seattle-based Melodic Caring Project.

Long got a huge boost when a song he co-wrote was featured in the 2008 hit movie “Twilight.” This happened after Long had met Robert Pattinson (later cast as the vampire Edward Cullen in “Twlight”) while performing an “open mic” at a London club. Pattison later sang “Let Me Sign,” written by Long and Marcus Foster, for a key scene in the movie.

Long’s new album features a harder, grittier sound. Watch a clip of the song “Devil Moon”:

The mission of the Melodic Caring Project is to “bring genuine love and compassion together with medically proven healing properties of music and share them with children in need.” Read more about the organization here and here.

Opening for Long is Michael Bernard Fitzgerald. Tickets are $15 on the Tractor website.

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