“Bogguss and an Ace Band Bring Haggard to West Coast,” the title of the press release declares.

In fact, singer (Suzy) Bogguss doesn’t have to bring country-music icon (Merle) Haggard here; the Hag is coming of his own accord, appearing March 1 at Tacoma’s Emerald Queen Casino.

Suzy Bogguss | Lucky
Suzy Bogguss | Lucky

What Bogguss, who had ‘90s Nashville hits with the likes of “Outbound Plane” (written by Nanci Griffith and Tom Russell) and John Hiatt’s “Drive South” before going independent (with her own Loyal Dutchess Records), really is doing is touring behind “Lucky,” her critically acclaimed new album of classic Haggard songs. (“My first song on the radio,” she points out, was “Somewhere Between,” a Haggard tune.)

Bogguss is “maybe the only woman,” “American Songwriter” marvels, “to spend an entire album flipping Merle’s masculine music on its head, adding a feminine perspective (and some killer pipes) to some of the manliest twang-fests of the 20th century.”

Bogguss, who at 57 obviously still has some killer looks, as well, performs Wednesday, Feb. 19, with, yes, an ace band at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern. Get all the details about the show here. And visit Bogguss’ website here.

Oh, and if you’re planning to catch Haggard’s show too, follow this link to the Emerald Queen Casino for ticket information.

Finally, here’s a video of “Hey, Cinderella,” one of Bogguss’ biggest singles:

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