Seattle Hindi-rock band Manooghi Hi
Seattle Hindi-rock band Manooghi Hi
Seattle’s Manooghi Hi, a self-described “hard-rockin’ psychedelic bombagrunge sensation,” was one of the big surprises at the Seattle music showcase at the South by Southwest festival and conference last month in Austin, Texas.

While the group has been playing around Seattle for some time, the band’s intoxicating blend of hard rock and Hindi music — hence the term “bombagrunge” — is catching on with local audiences. Leading the group is Mumbai native Mehnaz, who sings in Hindi. The sound is mesmerizing and almost otherworldly. It’s a band to watch in the coming year.

“I feel like I’ve been baptized in another language by some people I’ve never met,” reads a quote from a fan on the band’s Web site.

“Manooghi” loosely means “stuff,” as in “move your Manooghi.” You’ll be doing just that on the dance floor.

In addition to Mehnaz, the group includes producer/guitarist Todd Fogelsonger, bassist Jimmy Thomas, singer Ava Chakravarti, drummer John Hollis, keyboardist Mark Nichols and percussionist Jarrod Kaplan. Members are alumni of Trillian Green, Prudence Dredge, Buttrock Suites and other bands.

Manooghi Hi’s next show is at 9 p.m. Saturday, April 25, at the Backroom at Piecora’s, 1401 E. Madison St. Sharing the bill is Senegalese singer Modu Anyu Abdu. Admission is $6.

Take a look at this YouTube video of the band performing “Kismet.”

Manooghi Hi will play the Ballard SeafoodFest July 25, along with El Vez and The Squirrels.

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  1. Jimi once questioned all of us if we were experienced? After seeing Manooghi Hi for the first time I can honestly say that I finally am “experienced”.

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