There’s a flyer on a local lamppost advertising Girls That Shred, a benefit concert for Skate Like a Girl that will take place Jan. 10 at Seattle’s all-ages Vera Project.

Rosie Flores (photo: Rodney Bursiel)
Rosie Flores (photo: Rodney Bursiel)

One girl who shreds, albeit in the guitar hero(ine) sense, is Rosie Flores. Now, having made her mark in the late ’60s (with the San Diego teen band Penelope’s Children), ’70s (all-female L.A. rockabillies Screamin’ Sirens) and ’80s (the classic Americana LP “Rosie Flores”), Flores might not technically be considered a “girl,” but she did title her latest CD “Working Girl’s Guitar” (Bloodshot Records). (She missed the chance to call it “Working Girl’s Shred.”)

And shred she can, when the self-proclaimed Rockabilly Filly isn’t championing female rock pioneers Wanda Jackson and the late Janis Martin. A few years back Flores, a former Austin resident who now lives in Nashville, told of opening three concerts in Texas for ZZ Top; the typical response of the Lone Star skater boys was, she reported, “Dude!”

Flores performs Sunday, Dec. 15, at the Tractor Tavern, 5213 Ballard Ave., in a “Mex-mas” show where she’s paired with fellow former San Diegan (now Seattleite) El Vez, who’s brought irreverent seasonal joy to Seattle for the last decade. Get the details here.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Mikel Toombs is a frequent contributor to Read his previous blog about Flores in 2012.)

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