Lauren Pritchard (photo: Big Hassle Media)
Lauren Pritchard (photo: Big Hassle Media)


You could call this show “Lauren in Ballard.”

Lauren Pritchard, who performs Sunday, March 27, at the Tractor Tavern (she opens at 8 p.m. for Brendan James and Matt White), recalls Dusty Springfield’s classic LP “Dusty in Memphis” on her debut CD, “Wasted in Jackson” (Universal Republic), which is sassy, sexy and, yes, oh-so-soulful.

Intriguingly, Pritchard’s musical career has taken the opposite path, from Tennessee (Jackson is the town she felt wasted in) to the U.K., where she was signed by the same guy who nabbed Amy Winehouse.

Along the way she moved, at age 15 (she’s all of 22 now), to Los Angeles. There she lived for a year with Lisa Marie Presley (!) and her daughter before earning the female off-lead in the original production of “Spring Awakening,” now a ubiquitous theatrical smash hit.

Not surprising, then, there’s a lot of living contained in “Wasted,” including some activities associated with Ms. Winehouse. Happily, Pritchard has done some, ahem, Winehouse-cleaning: “If I tried to overdose, it wouldn’t bring no change,” she sings on the compelling “Pain Killers,” concluding, “I’m not dead tonight.”

Watch of a video of Pritchard’s “Not the Drinking” here.

Follow this link to the Tractor Tavern Web site for details about the show.

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