Heidi Muller is a master of the mountain dulcimer
Heidi Muller is a master of the mountain dulcimer

Award-winning singer, songwriter, guitarist and mountain dulcimer player Heidi Muller has written a stirring song about the recent demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer after 146 years of publication.

In “Goodnight P-I,” her latest song, Muller sings, “Who will blow the whistle?/ Who will place the call?/ Who will wield the mighty pen that makes the mighty fall?”

To listen to the song, go to Muller’s Web site.

“The Seattle P-I has been a whistleblower with its investigative reporting,” Muller writes on her Web site. “It’s been a liberal voice and has given a voice to those who deserve one.”

Muller, who lives in West Virginia, spent a good portion of her career in the Northwest and continues to have a deep affection for the region.

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