Dylan Jakobsen (Amanda Harle Photography)
Dylan Jakobsen (Amanda Harle Photography)


Country music is extremely popular in Seattle, despite the city’s reputation as a mecca for grunge and alternative rock.

Now along comes musician Dylan Jakobsen, who was born in Seattle during the grunge era of the ’90s and grew up on a diet of classic rock. But his preferred style today is country rock, and he’s a natural for the big sound of mainstream country radio. “Nothing’s ever felt more right,” Dylan says. “I’m just creating the kind of music I love, and country’s (become) a part of me.”

His five-song EP, released last fall, features the reflective track “Can’t Believe You’re Gone.” The video has premiered on Taste of Country.

Jakobsen’s penchant for good storytelling comes through on “Can’t Believe You’re Gone.”

“I’m very excited for the release of my new video,” he says. “I’ve always been one who wants to go out and tell a story, but this time I wanted to write something a little closer to home. As we get older, we realize the people we love are getting older and everyday you risk the chance of losing somebody close to you. This video is about remembering the time you spent together and honoring their memory.”

The video of “I Can’t Believe You’re Gone” was shot in Washington State. The song is about a man who experiences childhood flashbacks while visiting his father’s gravesite.

Jakobsen wrote “Can’t Believe You’re Gone” in mid-2014 after hearing that his close friend’s grandfather had passed away.

The Seattle native will perform a series of Northwest shows this spring and summer, including a May 22 set at the Hard Rock Café in downtown Seattle. Find other upcoming dates on his official website here.

And watch Jakobsen’s video of “Can’t Believe You’re Gone”:

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