Gwenno Saunders (photo: Heavenly Recordings)
Gwenno Saunders (photo: Heavenly Recordings)


Gwenno Saunders, once lead singer of British girl-band Pipettes (the delightful if slight 2007 “We Are the Pipettes”), soon will be debuting “a political concept album inspired by an obscure Welsh language sci-fi novel, subtly disguised as a blissful kraut-pop record.”

Sung entirely in Welsh, “apart from one song in Cornish,” the album, called, naturally, “Y Dydd Olaf” (sample song titles: “Fratolish Hiang Perpheshki” and, my favorite, “Stwff,”), won’t be out until late July. However, Gwenno is presently sharing her view of the “patriarchal society” with her song “Patriarchaeth.”

“Y Dydd Olaf” will released on Heavenly Recordings. Listen to it here.

Born in Cardiff, Saunders is the daughter of Cornish poet and linguist Tim Saunders and Lyn Mererid, a member of the Welsh socialist choir Côr Cochion Caerdydd. While growing up, her father spoke Cornish and her mother Welsh, but as a family they spoke Gaelic.

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