Spelling doesn’t seem to be the strong suit of Valient (sic) Thorr (sic), nor that of its publicist.

OK, it turns out that the veteran, bearded-Hades band from North Carolina is led by one Valient Himself (double sic, again!). And, according to a recent press release, Mr. Himself is the second-ranked “frontman in Moden (yes, sic once more) Metal.” (This recalls the delightful scene in the UK movie “Venus” when Peter O’Toole asks the much younger object of his affection, just arrived from the hinterlands, what she’d like to do for a living: “mode-lin.’ ” “Yodeling?” he replies, intrigued. “No, mode-lin.’ ” Oh, modeling.)

Is Himself the No. 2 man (The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato was picked No. 1) in Molten Metal? Or in, yes, of course, Modern Metal.

Valient Thorr — described by somebody as “an American rock band from Venus” — performs behind its new album “Our Own Masters” Saturday, Sept. 14, along with Ramming Speed, Ancient Warlocks and Portland’s Lord Dying, in a 21-and-up show at Seattle’s Highline, 210 Broadway Ave. E. on Capitol Hill. Visit the club’s website here.

And here’s a link to the band’s website.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Mikel Toombs is a frequent contributor to Read his recent post about Courtney Love here.)

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