Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)
Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)

Seattle photographer Kam Martin, a regular contributor to this Web site, snapped these images at the Monday (June 14) Imogen Heap concert at the Paramount Theatre.

The Grammy-nominated English multi-instrumentalist, who began writing music at 13, is a tech-savvy musician with an eccentric but inspirational persona. She creates graceful, sometimes profound songs that sound like musical dreamscapes.

Her musical style has been dubbed “techno romanticism.”

Heap’s fans include Jeff Beck, Brian Eno, Hollywood bloggers Perez Hilton and “Scrubs” star Zach Braff.

On MySpace, she has garnered more than 350,000 friends — and more than 250,000 followers on Twitter.

Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)
Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)

Heap, in fact, was among the first musical artists to exploit MySpace, iTunes, YouTube and her own blog to attract listeners.

The inclusion of the song “Hide & Seek” on the second-season finale of TV’s “The O.C.” exposed her to an even larger audience.

She has also appeared on the David Letterman, Jay Leno and Carson Daly shows.

Last December, Heap was featured in a free, live-from-New-York HD concert broadcast via

Her relationship with fans is so strong that she asked for their help in completing “The Song That Never Was.” She is part of a recent trend of artists who have collaborated with fans on new songs.

Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)
Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)

Heap’s music has also been featured in “Six Feet Under,” “CSI,” “Garden State” and “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

Follow this link to her Web site, which features her current album, “Ellipse.” And you can access her MySpace page here.

Here’s a link to

To watch a video of “Hide & Seek,” click here.

Opening act for her Paramount show was U.K. group Geese.

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Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)
Imogen Heap (photo: Kam Martin)

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