Courtney Jaye (photo:
Courtney Jaye (photo:


Singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye has made many journeys in her musical life, beginning in her hometown of Pittsburgh and later in Georgia, Texas, Arizona, southern California and Hawaii.

After a career as a pop singer (creating songs with a sweet, romantic island vibe), Jaye relocated to Nashville and has now released a new album, “Love and Forgiveness,” and single, “Say Oh Say.” It’s a dreamy, almost mesmerizing tune that’s the highlight of the CD. The album was produced by Grammy winner Mike Wrucke, who worked with Miranda Lambert on “Revolution.”

Jaye came to Seattle in the mid-2000s for a showcase at the Green Room at Showbox at the Market (at the time, it was simply The Showbox) in support of her 2005 Island Records debut album, “Traveling Light.” Her first single, “Can’t Behave,” was featured in a live appearance that year on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

But nearly a decade later – following collaborations with Ben Bridwell (Band of Horses), Matthew Sweet and members of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Jaye has adopted a rootsy, organic country-tinged sound laced with her trademark romanticism. “Love and Forgiveness” recalls the country rock of Neil Young and Linda Ronstadt, fused with some breezy dance-pop.

“I’m done apologizing for writing big songs – I don’t want to be afraid of that,” Jaye says. “I’ve always wanted to find a way to not be afraid of pop. That’s the music I love.”

Jaye is now on a tour with alt-country singer-songwriter and comedian Stephen Lynch, as a featured member of his band. The tour includes a show April 7 at the Neptune Theatre. Get the details here.

“Singing and touring with Stephen Lynch is a little dream come true,” Jaye says. “Never in a million years would I have the courage to write songs as brash, vulgar and honest as he writes — yet I get to sing them (while blushing uncontrollably), and be part of a show that makes people laugh for two hours straight.”

Fans can also get a free EP from Noisetrade featuring two songs from “Love and Forgiveness,” as well as four other songs. Follow this link.

You’ll find more about Jaye by visiting her website here.

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