Ayron Jones (photo: www.ajandtheway.com)
Ayron Jones (photo: www.ajandtheway.com)


Seattle’s fast-rising Ayron Jones and The Way will celebrate two “firsts” on March 3.

The Seattle band will open its first show for blues legend B.B. King, as well as perform at the Moore Theatre for the first time.

Last fall, Seattle rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot (“Posse on Broadway,” “Baby Got Back”) produced the band’s debut album, “Dream.” Jones calls his music “urban rock,” a blend of blues, punk rock and hip-hop.

Jones founded the three-piece band in 2010. The trio features Jones on vocals and guitar, DeAndre Enrico on bass and Kai Van de Pitte on drums. Before long, they were opening for Robert Cray and Lukas Nelson, another rising star.

In 2012, the band placed 30th in the Hard Rock Rising contest, a worldwide battle of the bands, and drew the interest of Sir Mix-a-Lot, Seattle’s biggest rap star before Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

“So, finding Ayron, the first thing I found myself asking was, ‘Why hasn’t anybody recorded this guy and why is it that nobody knows about it in my circles?’ ” Sir Mix-a-Lot said in an interview with Seattlepi.com. “Because that is easily the best talent in Seattle right now.”

The could be the year Ayron Jones and The Way breaks on the national stage. It’s certainly a band to watch.

The group recently appeared on “Band in Seattle” on the CW Network. Watch the video here.

For more on Ayron Jones and The Way, visit the band’s official website here.

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